Over-eating and weight loss

weight loss

Many people who are overweight have developed long term eating patterns over the years that cause over-eating, emotional eating and unconscious eating behaviours.

When it's an unconscious behaviour, the brain doesn't question whether the need for food is good or bad or positive or negative, it just does.

This is why diets don't work.

If you've ever self-sabotaged on trying to achieve your weight loss goals, it may be because you've never solved the underlying cause of your behaviours and unwanted eating patterns!

Hypnosis helps you get to the core issues, understand your patterns and create ways of replacing the negative unwanted eating with new positive healthy behaviours instead.

It takes work. You have to be committed.

Hypnosis is no quick fix, although it does help you to break free of eliminating backwards steps and start moving forward with your health goals.

In just a few short sessions, many people have reported they are eating healthier, drinking more water, exercising more and having more energy throughout the day, sleeping better and feeling much better about themselves.

And when you start to feel good again, your whole life changes!

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