Have you ever felt stressed, overwhelmed or anxious? Do you know that feeling of being on a never-ending rollercoaster and not feeling steady?

What if I told you that it is all just energy and trapped emotion that's weighing you down?

And when you release the emotional blocks, when you let go of stored energy in the body, you free yourself to step up into a strong, confident, thriving being!

Everything is energy. You are energy. Change your energy and it will change your life and change the world around you.

We are all connected - to everything around us. This includes our thoughts and feelings and behaviours, which have a huge influence on everything and everyone around us.

Energy flows through everything and creates everything around us. Our thoughts and emotions are energy. So we create our own reality by what we think and feel.

When you come from a place of contracted energy, you are closed, small, sick, depressed, anxious and in pain.

And yet when you live your life in expanded energy, you are living a life of abundance and harmony, free from pain and suffering.

Our energy flow can be disrupted by environmental toxins, emotional trauma, illnesses, surgery, negative thought patterns, negative emotions and experiences of the past and even generational and genetic hereditary cycles and patterns.

Energy healing is about restoring your flow and releasing emotional memories and experiences of the past that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential and living your best life.

Exploring the multi-dimensional nature of the human psyche, we can change the meaning given to events of the past so you can free yourself from past hurts and traumas and restore your energy flow to optimum balance on all levels, enabling the physical body to heal itself.

There are many ways to heal and restore energy flow. I offer Energy Coaching, Reiki healing, Soul CoachingĀ®, and Hypnotherapy.

We can do this face to face, in Rozelle, Sydney, or via Zoom (online video conference) or even via phone. Enquire within to discuss what is best for you.

Click on the button above and let's schedule in a call so we can chat about where you are at and where you want to be. I look forward to connecting with you. Alex x


Client love:

"Alex, our coaching sessions have been really great! I really look forward to our sessions. I feel supported and so comfortable to say anything without being judged. It's been a great fit. I loved that you recalled previous sessions. You've remembered my journey and it's jogged my memory each time.

I didn't realise how stuck in procrastination I was!

I now feel I can move forward. I felt like I couldn't do it on my own and your support really helped to get me where I need to be. I trust you and feel safe with you. Bouncing things off someone who isn't judgemental makes such a difference. So I can let go, rather than hold on to everything.

I've loved the visualisations, working on my self-talk and regulating my emotions. And having accountability has really helped me. So now I can take action! Thanks so much, Alex."

  • Bridgette, C. - Sydney, NSW