What is Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis? Did you know that hypnosis is actually focused attention? By reducing the peripheral awareness around you, hypnosis allows you to enter into an enhanced capacity to respond to positive suggestion. What does that mean? You become completely relaxed, you could say in a “trance-like state” in which you have heightened focus and…

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How Do You Compare?

Do you ever get stuck in the comparison trap? I started thinking about this long ago, when I had an influx of clients who were starting their own small businesses, and many had said that they compare themselves to others and then often end up feeling bad for doing so. They feel bad for the…

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The Power of Self-Healing

Me Dee Why Beach

The Power of Self-Healing   I want to share with you a story. I believe it is an immensely powerful story. You know when you’re really focused on doing something or achieving something and even though you won’t stop at getting it because you really, really want that thing that you’re working towards, but the…

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