What is Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis?

Did you know that hypnosis is actually focused attention?

By reducing the peripheral awareness around you, hypnosis allows you to enter into an enhanced capacity to respond to positive suggestion.

What does that mean?

You become completely relaxed, you could say in a “trance-like state” in which you have heightened focus and concentration.

Have you ever meditated before? Or zone out when you’re watching TV? That is a “trance-like state”.

Working with a Hypnotist such as myself, it will allow you to induce this trance like state and focus your attention in order to create positive change within your mind.

It is a guided process with verbal cues and repetition.

So, for example, if you want to stop smoking, the hypnotic suggestions are healthy replacements to smoking, together with phrases such as “I am now a non-smoker and I’m going to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life”.

The brain loves repetition. Do you remember rote learning your mathematics times tables when you were a child?

Similarly, hypnosis uses the relaxed state to bypass the conscious mind and together with repetitive language, helps to change behaviours and unwanted patterns.

And because you’re in a heightened state of focus, you may be more open to suggestions that in your normal waking mental state, you might ignore or brush off.

One thing I will tell you though, is you can never do anything you don’t want to do when you are in a state of trance… for example, if I told you to cluck like a chicken and you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t be sitting there clucking like a chicken, that’s for sure!

What you may have seen as stage hypnosis, whilst very fun to watch, is vastly different to the kind of hypnosis I do when I work with clients.

I am all about helping people create positive change in their lives. To overcome thoughts, emotions and behaviours that have been hindering them and not helping them. Like when it comes to addictions and other behavioural patterns.

Whether it’s smoking, food and overeating or drugs and other addictions, hypnosis is a very effective form of changing those behaviours.

Some people call it mind control. And yes, it is, but not so much the hypnotherapists like me controlling your mind, but we teach you how to control your own mind.

Hypnosis helps to put you back in your own driver’s seat.

It helps you to control your thoughts and behaviours so you can work on and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

Substantial research has shown that Hypnosis is highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety and PTSD, alleviate depression, manage pain, and can even alter a person’s immune function to offset stress and reduce susceptibility to viral infections.

How does Hypnosis work?

When you come and have some sessions with me in Crows Nest or even online via Zoom, which is just as effective and convenient for you, I will guide you into a relaxed state (similar to meditation as mentioned before) and by using the power of positive language and suggestion, I will help you gain control of whatever challenge you’ve been facing and want to change.

I generally recommend 4 sessions for acute challenges and 6-8 sessions for more longer developing and chronic conditions. This gives us enough time to begin your journey of re-wiring your brain to gain maximum results in changing your unwanted behaviours.

You’ll also receive techniques that you can use daily, at home, to keep reinforcing your new learnings and the changes you are making.

Hypnosis is fast, effective, fun and so very, very relaxing.

Book here for your free 20 min consult and let’s see how you can make a huge difference in your life today. https://alexknyshappointments.as.me/20minCall


Alex is an Energy Coach & Hypnotherapist, based in Crows Nest, near North Sydney. Easy to find at the Well for Life Center, with free parking nearby, it’s a safe and comfortable environment for all your hypnosis needs.

Alex has vast experience working with a range of behaviour change issues such as stopping smoking, managing weight and overeating, drug and alcohol addiction, soft drink addiction, pain management, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia and much more.

For the last 7 years, Alex has utilised all her skills as a qualified NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Coach, Soul Coach and Reiki Partitioner and has an intuitive knack for knowing exactly what her clients need in order to create lifelong change and maximise their human potential.

Alex is so passionate about the work she does and thrives on seeing the difference it makes in people’s lives.