Energy Coaching

What is Energy Coaching ?

Energy Coaching is Whole Person Coaching. Whereas typically modalities such as NLP and standard coaching frameworks are very head-based methods to help change behaviour patterns, Energy Coaching helps you overcome blocks in your whole mind, body and energy system.

Understanding the Foundations of Energy and how the energy systems of the body operate and how that manifests in the physical body, we can clear and release energy blocks using coaching techniques and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping.

EFT is based on the idea that negative experiences and thoughts disrupt the body’s energy system and that this disruption causes the symptoms that bring people to seek support.

EFT works to realign the disrupted energy meridians and address underlying emotional issues to aid healing.

It is therefore helpful in healing:

  • Victims of trauma and abuse
  • people with fears and phobias
  • panic and anxiety
  • depression
  • addictions and compulsions

As well as being a spiritual and emotional healer, EFT provides relief for a wide range of physical symptoms including:

  • headaches
  • pain
  • weight
  • stress and burn out

and EFT Practitioners claim that physical symptoms clear up immediately or begin to heal when underlying drivers such as anger, guilt or fear have been cleared.

Alex provides EFT Energy Coaching & Healing online via Zoom.

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Tapping Into Your Infinite Success

Find out about my program, Tapping Into Your Infinite Success!

This is a 7-week program that focuses on releasing emotional and energetic blocks from the mind/body system to free yourself from stuck. overwhelmed energy, past hurts and emotional baggage.

By releasing the energy blocks of the Chakra Energy System, we will align and restore the chakras so you can experience insights into your core operating system and make transformations in your life with grace and ease.

Our chakras contain a lot of data and information, and in each chakra is where you may have deep beliefs and vows (often unconsciously) you have made that are stopping you from moving forward. They have created a BLOCK, and often we feel these blocks physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From having lack of clarity to feeling overwhelmed, to having reoccurring behavioural patterns or fear that is getting in the way, through to not being able to connect deeply in relationships, be vulnerable or even attract and hold on to money, it is vital to do something about it!

This program is specifically designed to target and activate each chakra using language that we know it relates to.

We can, therefore, identify and access the energy block and release the energy easily and effectively.

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What Clients Are Saying:

“After finishing Alex’s program, I feel inspired, cleansed and clear. I feel like there is no reason why anything won’t happen now. Anything I want IS going to happen!

I feel light, happy and it feels like anything is possible! Like playfulness energy.

I believe I am amazing, I am a miracle, I am here to achieve my full potential. I can!

There’s nothing blocking me or stopping me from that.

My new beliefs are going to help open doors for me. I believe I can have anything I want. I trust the Universe is here to support me. I love myself and life and every living organism.”

  • Sarah, V – Wollongong, NSW.

“The biggest difference I feel after doing Alex’s program is how I feel about money. With clients, I now feel they see the value in what I’m charging. I have no more desperation, no begging. I have more certainty of my value. That’s the biggest difference.

I feel I have more abundance coming in, more support for my campaigns.

I see myself really able to step into my role as a Coach/Mentor. There’s a distinct shrinkage in the self-doubt that used to be there.

More certainty, confidence, awareness and more aware of the impact I can have with people. Specifically, it’s allowing me to develop my coaching business without all the self-doubt  I used to have.

I loved the Inspired Actions at the end of each session and crossing things off the list without consciously sticking to it. I also really enjoyed being in touch on a regular basis and Alex’s check-ins.

As an Energy Coach, I like how Alex always starts off creating rapport, holding space for people well. She leads in the direction, keeps on track gently and has the knowledge necessary to get through sessions and follow up, which was good too.

I’ve always been interested in Energy for a long time and learning more about it. I am now keen to explore more of it, looking into it more, tuning into it and playing with it more often.”

  • Sean, S – Caboolture, QLD.

“I’m James, My whole life I’ve struggled with money. Even on the rare times I did make decent amounts, it’d disappear quicker than it came in. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to crack the code of how to make a living, let alone a comfortable one.

Then Alex told me about a new type of coaching she was offering. “Energy Coaching” where she would clear energy blocks from the chakra systems. Normally I’d scoff at such an airy concept of “chakras” but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and listened to how she practised it and how it worked. After her explanation, it didn’t sound airy at all. In fact quite sound.

We are now 6 of the 7 sessions in and, to be completely honest, I’m astounded by the effects it has had on my life. Where before I was always seeing a lack, I’ve started to see abundance. Abundance everywhere. It’s ridiculous. It was all around me all the time, I just didn’t see it. And now that the blocks I clearly had are diminishing, money is starting to come to me, in the most obscure ways.

A few days ago, a friend asked for some help. After we were done, he slipped me a $50 note. Or at least that’s what I thought until I got inside and three more fell out of my hand. Then yesterday, I logged into my Amazon affiliate account and noticed that I had a bunch of $$ waiting to be claimed. The weird thing is, that was money earned from last year and I never even noticed.

And it’s not just money. There seems to be an abundance of so many things in my life right now.

I couldn’t recommend Alex and her energy coaching more highly. Amazing stuff. I can only imagine what’s going to happen once we’ve finished all the sessions. Might have to wear a hardhat in case gold bars start raining down ?

  • James, C – Frankston, VIC

Alex is a Certified Master of Energy Coaching and Soul Coaching