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NLP and EFT for Kids Crows Nest, Sydney

What happens when your child gets angry and frustrated or anxious?

Usually, they act out before even realising what has happened and then spend time feeling bad about themselves because they don't understand their emotions and how to control them.

Anger, frustration and anxiety can lead to a lot of uncomfortable feelings for kids, especially those with ADHD and other behavioural issues.

Not being able to express what they are thinking or feeling can lead to a cycle of confusion, where if left untreated leads to a lack of confidence and lack of self-management.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help your child understand his or her emotions and start to recognise when certain behaviours are not okay for them and how to manage and overcome them.

We have been living in unprecedented times and unfortunately, anxiety and stress in children are on the rise. It's important to catch it early and learn new strategies of coping.

Having awareness of, and recognising emotion are vital for children to navigate their way through school and other social interactions.

Using NLP and EFT techniques can help your child strengthen and improve his or her confidence and self-esteem, help to articulate emotions, and instead of acting out uncontrollably, or keeping emotions inside, they will learn new strategies to behave in a more resourceful way.

NLP and EFT can be conducted via Zoom online sessions in a safe and effective way.

Children are very responsive to these techniques, reducing the stress and anxiety of daily life, and it's amazing to see the positive effects for them, their families and in their classrooms.

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Client Love

"When we first started working together, Archer's main challenges were aggression and anger. Over the last 12 months, he now has less aggression, he's calmer, more social and really comfortable with talking to Alex.

He's responded really well to the sessions, to talking and the relaxation.

I'm surprised at how much he's opened up to you, and have told you things that have happened at school and home.

He's so much more calmer and social.

Alex has a great love for what she does and it shows in her compassion, patience, consistency, effort, time and calmness with Archer. She is firm but kind so I feel Archer was always aware of what was expected of him."

Sarah, R - Tasmania, Australia.